The Snowball

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

Sorry I missed the past three weeks of reviews! Back on it now...

This book was given to Hayden by her Ya-Ya and Papa. It came from the Mast General Store in Boone. Even though it's not winter time, it's still a winner in our house!

Pros: Not too many words, so great for little babies as a bedtime story because it is quick to read and their attentions spans don't last long when they are tired! Great illustrations and super cute idea for a book. Love the diecut holes as the snowball gets bigger! Easy font to read and easy for babies to turn the pages.

Cons: None!

Hayden's overview: If she could give a thumbs up, she would! She LOVES this book and plays with it almost every day. She touches every diecut snowball and laughs at each page. She thinks the snowball vortex is hilarious! When the snowball then is a big pile of snow and the animals don't know what to do next, Hayden stares at the animals and their concerned facial expressions - it is so cute!

Click the photo for where to purchase!

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