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Colors Bath Book

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

I picked up this book on a whim when we were walking around Walmart for some baby products. It was only $1.50 so I figured, why not?! Best $1.50 I have spent in a while!

Pros: This bath book is great because it is small enough for a baby to hold and it is squishy with a squeaker on the first page. It can get submerged in the water without mildewing. It is cute too! Hayden's looks a bit different from the photo below, but same company and concept. Hayden gets so excited when she sees it and screeches out loud. She knows it is in her mesh toy bag in the bath, and reaches for it every time.

Cons: None!

Hayden's overview: Big thumb's up to this book! She LOVES this book and plays with it during her entire bath time and also when getting dried off and changed into pj's! She likes to suck on the squishy pages.

Click the photo for where to purchase! I also added another similar option from Melissa & Doug, since the Wal-mart ones look like they are currently out of stock.

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