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Peek-a-Boo Forest...

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

I ordered this crinkle book before Hayden was born. I knew she would need a soft book to chew on and it had really good reviews. I would agree!

Pros: This crinkle book is easy to clip onto the stroller or car seat and is big enough for babies to play with! There are more pages than I thought initially and bigger than I thought, which is great! Cute rhymes and Hayden loves hearing me say Peek-a-boo each page.

Another great thing is that it is fully machine washable and then can air dry! Makes me feel better letting her chew on it!

Cons: None!

Hayden's overview: Big thumb's up to this book! She LOVES the owl's big eyes on the cover and likes to try and eat his beak. She actually turns the pages and eats the flaps. She especially likes the leaf flap!

Click the photo for where to purchase!

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