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Taco Tuesday

Updated: Jul 22, 2020

I got this book when I was strolling around the children's book section of Barnes and Noble. The minute I read it, I knew I HAD to have it! If not for Hayden, just for myself!

Pros: This small board book is easy to hold, super cute, and has hilarious rhymes about a taco trying not to get eaten on Taco Tuesday!

Perfect for bedtime for under one-year-old. It is a quick enough story to read each night. "Besides, my cheese looks suspicious"... and other super funny rhymes! The illustrations are too cute! Each chip and salsa bottle, each piece of macaroni and cheese, and each tomato have their own adorable faces!

Cons: None!

Hayden's overview: Big thumb's up to this book! She tries to eat the little taco finger puppet as I wiggle it around and she smiles at it and the macaroni with eyes! She loves this book.

Click the photo for where to purchase!

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